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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is it to play a sport?

Fees have recently increased to $70 for all TSP sports and $125 for Middle School sports.

What are the requirements for Kindergartners?

Kindergartners must be enrolled at a school and be at least 5 years old. This means they are currently in school, not just planning to go to kindergarten in a handful of months. 

What is the refund policy?

Typically, refunds can be requested and are refunded within 24hrs, less ~$2 to $5 (online processing fee). That said, any change in the policy will be noted on the registration page. Full refunds are available if requested prior to practicing, and half will be refunded if the request is received after practices have started but before games. 

If your child has played in 1 game, fees are non-refundable.


What is the practice schedule?

The first step in developing a practice schedule is identifying willing coaches and splitting our teams up. Once that occurs, the individual coach will work with their area rep to determine their team’s practice time. As soon as that schedule is made, your coach will reach out to you with details. 


When are games held?

Currently, soccer, baseball, t-ball, and softball games are held in evenings during the week (subject to change due to Covid-19 and scheduling constraints). Basketball and volleyball games are held on weekends. Tournament games for all sports usually run over a weekend. 


What commitment is required of parents?

As a parent, aside from getting your child to and from games and practices, usually, each team will need parent volunteers to take a turn running our concessions booth. Concessions are one of our biggest fundraisers! Ask your coach for other volunteer opportunities throughout the season. 


Can I opt to have my child be on a specific team?

We place siblings that are in the same league on the same team. While we'd love to honor all the ride-share requests, we cannot prioritize those requests. Coaches are required to select their team in a round-robin system and cannot choose athletes prior to the team selection event. 

What can I do if I have feedback? 

You may provide feedback on the Contact Us page, anonymously or not. These are brought before the board and will be responded to. If there are enough comments regarding the same topic, it may result in policy change. 

What precautions are being taken for COVID-19 right now?

Currently, we are working on enhancing safety protocols to help mitigate the spread of Covid-19, and to follow the OHA guidelines for youth sports during phase two. The Oregon Health Authority has issued clear guidance on non-contact and semi-contact sports. 

We will be maintaining social distance whenever possible, limiting our schedule to allow for spectators to responsibly social distance, visually checking athletes at practices and games for any symptoms, requiring parents to keep their kids home if they have any symptoms, 

We will expect spectators to responsibly social distance during games so that we can offer a fun and safe season for everyone!

Please email or reach out via Facebook with any other questions. 

I homeschool, can my child still participate?

Our program is for families that live in the Crow, Elmira, Veneta, and Triangle Lake area.  If you live in our rural area and homeschool your children, we encourage you to participate! You must either live in this area or be enrolled in one of the area schools to be eligible to participate. (Crow/ Applegate/ Lorane, Elmira, Veneta, Triangle Lake, or Fern Ridge Middle School). Homeschool students will either be assigned to the area by address unless numbers are needed in a specific area. 

**Anyone living in Eugene, not attending one of our schools will be referred to Kids Sports.

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